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Bright Phonics is a free educational iPhone, iPad and Android app that teaches children phonics and sight words quickly, easily and efficiently. Bright Phonics learns the phonics and sight words your child knows and focuses on what they still need to learn and improve on.

The best way to teach phonics and sight words

This simple, effective educational tool learns as your child learns and knows what phonics and sight words your child knows so it can focus on teaching your child the phonics and sight words they still have to learn or still need to improve.

Easy To Use

Easily teach your child phonics to improve your child's reading and writing ability.

Effective Learning

Bright Phonics learns as your child learns, so it always knows what phonics and sight word to focus on. Keeping your child more engaged and committing phonics and sight words to long term memory faster.

Bright Phonics Features

Sight Words

Teach you child sight words for improved reading speed, fluency and accuracy.

Track Progress

Track your childs progress to see how many phonics or sight words they know, are still learning or don't know. With support for multiple profiles you can track the progress for each of your children.

How it works

Bright Phonics is designed to automatically focus on the phonics and sight words your child needs to practice most, making the most efficient use of their practice session.

Practice Phonics

Practice phonics and sight words with you child and record how well they know each phonic or sight word with an easy to use traffic light system.

Track Progress

Track you child's progress as they learn and memorise new phonics and sight words.

Customised Practice

Future practice sessions are customised to specifically focus on what your child needs to learn and when they should practice next.

Multiple Profiles

Multiple profiles allows each child to progress at their own pace.


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Frequently asked questions

Does my child have to complete all levels and the sight words?

No. Work at your child’s level or to where they are comfortable. If they feel like trying the next level or some sight words they can give them a go.

Do I have to complete all phonics or sight words in a session?

To get the most out or Bright Phonics we recommend you complete a full session. If you don't complete an entire session don't worry, Bright Phonics knows where you left off and will automatically adjust for the next session.

I accidentally gave the wrong answer whilst practicing, help!

If you selected the wrong answer whilst practicing don't worry, just continue practicing as normal and Bright Phonics will reassess and adjust accordingly when you come to it again.


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Bright Phonics is made by Zero41 Software, a software consultancy providing software and app development to Australia nationwide for over 10 years.

If you have any feedback on Bright Phonics or need help with your mobile app, web app, database or custom software project we'd love to hear from you.