Who is Zero41 Software?

Zero41 Software, based in Perth Western Australia, was founded in 2008 by Jon Cahill. After working for many years as a software developer for various companies Jon wanted to work for a company which was dedicated to building the highest quality software using the best technologies with the best people. After a long search for the right company it became obvious that none existed in Perth. Jon then decided the only way to work for the perfect software development company was to create it and Zero41 was born.

Where does the name Zero41 come from?

Often we get asked where the name Zero41 comes from. In Jon’s final year at university many years ago he, along with 3 other students, were assigned a 3rd year project to create a computer game for SciTech, the local science education centre, for their Speed based exhibit. They were identified as project group 041 and produced the game GoldRush which was included in SciTech’s Speed exhibit every year since. Since they were making a game it needed to be created by someone, so they branded it as Zero41 Interactive. Creating GoldRush was one of Jon’s proudest moments and the name Zero41 stuck with him ever since, until it was time to create his own software company which he called Zero41 Software.